Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7 stärkt Haare und Nägel

Vitamin B7, better known as biotin, is especially important for the formation of new skin and hair cells. In the metabolic process, Biotin also fulfills several important functions. A biotin deficiency is particularly evident in the form of blemished skin, brittle nails and split hair.

  • Forms new skin and hair cells
  • Strengthens the hair, nails and the skin
  • Strengthens the connective tissue


As with all B vitamins, Biotin is contained in a high concentration particularly in foods of animal origin, as for example in liver and meat but oats and walnuts also contain vitamin B7.


Normally, a vitamin B7 deficiency occurs rather seldom, since it can be produced by the body on its own, even though it can be hardly found in food. Still, deficiency symptoms, such as weariness, muscle pain, skin diseases and loss of hair may occur. People with liver or intestinal damages represent a peculiar high-risk population for deficiency symptoms. A further indication of a biotin deficiency is the occurrence of brittle nails, split hair and blemished skin.


Frequently, a biotin deficiency is the result of an overacidification of the body. An overacidified cellular environment destroys the biotin in the body which in turn can lead to a deficiency. Most of the time, an overacidification occurs when our diet is too high in protein or has a high sugar content. It can cause great harm to the body and destroy the biotin.