Health due to vitamin B

B vitamins promote life, they assist your body in its daily tasks, such as the production of energy from food and the formation of new cells.

They support your body in the following processes:

Vitamin B in your body
  • various metabolic processes
  • hematopoiesis
  • cell division
  • Formation of DNA
  • Formation of new brain cells
  • Enter the body and the brain the necessary energy
  • They strengthen the heart

Vitamin B as a weapon against dementia

Vitamin B keeps the head and body fit

Investigations of the British Oxford University and from Norway have shown that stem the daily intake of vitamin B to brain shrinkage in older people and can thus prevent dementia. In high doses, it halved the rate of age-related brain shrinkage. From the 60th Birthday, the brain usually loses 0.5 percent of its mass per year. In Alzheimer’s patients, however, this shrinking process goes much faster. The brains shrinking at a rate of 2.5 percent per year.

Reduced brain shrinkage in the elderly of the brain by 50 percent

The above-mentioned study involved 168 volunteers over 70 who showed all the signs of Alzheimer’s. For two years, an experimental group received regular high doses of vitamin B6 and B12, the control group received a placebo. The experiment showed that the age-related shrinkage of the brain in the experimental group who received high doses of vitamin B in part by up to 50 percent declined.

Vitamin B keeps the head and body fit

Fit due to Vitamin B

Since the B vitamins especially important for you formation of neurotransmitters in the brain, the neurotransmitters, it positively affects our emotional state. The energy from the food can be released faster and better, and the cells can divide more quickly and easily. Muscles can grow faster and skin can be tightened again. B vitamins also prevents the physical degradation processes.